The Most Influential and Inspiration Websites, Books and Blogs

Here’s a short list of the websites I visit and read the most. All of them contain amazing amounts of information. With the blogs, don’t be shy, just dive in and read an article. I guarantee that your interest will be perked immediately.

Music Think Tank: MTT‎

Music Think Tank is “A group blog bringing together key thinkers in the realm of online music business”. This website was not only where I learned the basics of social media marketing and modern music business, but also one of the first websites to really inspire me to further my own independent education. Go on this website and look at the most recent posts and out of the first 3 or 5 at least one will be pertinent or enticing to you. Browse through many different topics if you are looking for answers to a certain question. I recommend not over thinking it, just go to the website and read any article. Before you know it, you’ll be visiting it everyday and researching different aspect of the music business.

This Business of Music: The Definitive Guide to the Business and Legal Issues of the Music Industry
Sidney Shemel, John M. Gross, M. William Krasilovsky
This is an absolute textbook of the ins and outs of the music business. While reading this book I tried to make it my own music business coarse. I was taking notes and studying and reading very thoroughly. I’m not recommending that you read all the dense legal chapters, but there is a lot of information on music industry contracts and other legal aspects of the business that can be very helpful. It’s on it’s 10th edition, so it stays fairly current.

Start and Run Your Own Record Label, Third Edition
by-Daylle Deanna Schwartz
This book is more of a collection of case studies within the music business. There isn’t as much practical information in this book, but reading case studies of really inventive and inspirational entrepreneurs can be more helpful than reading textbooks on the subject. This was my first experience reading case studies that really change the way you approach business. I still do it as much as possible today.

The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
I can’t really say enough about Tim Ferriss. His concepts in working efficiently, metal performance, language learning and business strategy are all top rate, inspirational and innovative. I read his blog almost every day and I’ve had times while taking the bus to work that I’d read an article so inspiring and mind bending I would have to return home and take the day off work because my mind was too focused on its recent inspiration. I highly recommend reading this blog.

Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers created CD Baby that he later sold for 20 million dollars. I was very interested when I found out that Derek was influenced by the writings of Tim Ferriss. Ferriss’s writings had helped him to create an unbelievably efficient and self-maintaining business in CD Baby. He said he only worked a few hours in the last few months leading up to the sale of the company. Derek Sivers approaches the music business with the same professionalism and efficiency as high level modern marketing and online businessmen. I believe that MTT (MusicThinkTank) and online music forums are great, but at some point you need to shift focus from the music business to just business.

Ryan Holiday
Ryan Holiday is the COE of Marketing at American Apparel. He has also run marketing campaigns for Tucker Max and many other authors and multi platinum selling artists. His new book “Trust Me, I’m Lying” talks about his ideas in “growth hacking” and other innovative marketing strategies as well some of his stories and adventures along the way. His ideas have inspired me for the global digital marketing campaign I’m currently planning to launch for Soatoa.

Neil Strauss
Neil Strauss is a best selling author and a journalist for the New York Times. He is extremely prolific. Check out this hour long interview with Tim Ferriss and Neil Strauss where they talk about the methods they use to stay focused and productive. It will change the way you think about how you plan your day.

Effortless Mastery
by Kenny Werner

This book completely changed the way the I approached practicing, performing and composing music. It gives you many helpful tools in; performing from a strong and positive mindset, practicing more efficiently and/or elevating your general level of performance in music or any skill. Definitely some of the most influential lessons I’ve learned in music and sequentially life.

Let me know if you’ve found any of these links helpful. Or, if you know any other great sites for music business or general inspirational reading.



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